Hanging a Swag Chandelier

Victorian Glass Chandelier
What You'll Need
Swag chandelier or standard chandelier with a swag lamp kit
Heavy-duty ceiling hooks
Cord cover
Stud finder

A swag chandelier provides beauty and elegance to any home without having to cut holes in the ceiling or run conduit through the walls. Swag chandeliers are created by converting a standard chandelier into a chandelier that can be hung from standard heavy-duty ceiling hooks by adding a swag lamp kit or you can buy a ready-made swag chandelier. Hanging a swag chandelier is not difficult, and you can generally complete the project in an hour or two. Depending upon the size of the chandelier, you may need some help hoisting the chandelier up to the ceiling.

Step 1 - Location

Select a location where you want to hang your new swag chandelier. Make sure that there is a stud brace or ceiling joist that you can screw your heavy-duty ceiling hook into. You can use your stud finder to help you accomplish this.

Step 2 - Install the First Ceiling Hook

Install one of the heavy-duty ceiling hooks in the location. You can purchase a ceiling hook designed specifically for hanging chandeliers. If you choose this type of chandelier you'll usually have to pre-drill two holes and use the metal wood screws that come with the chandelier hook in order to attach it to your ceiling.

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Step 3 - Install the Second Ceiling Hook

close up of a glass chandelier

Install another ceiling hook a few inches away from the wall that has the electrical outlet you will be using to plug your swag chandelier into. Once you have chosen the location, screw the ceiling hook into a joist or stud brace that you locate with your stud finder.

Step 4 - Hang the Chandelier

Have someone assist you to hang the swag chandelier onto the first ceiling hook. Make sure to hang it at an appropriate height so people won't bump into it and it provides the type of lighting you need. Drape the decorative chain or cord cover over the second ceiling hook.

If you're using a cord cover, remove the tape backing and affix it to the ceiling. If not, make sure that you drape the decorative chain in a way so that it doesn't hang too low.

Step 5 - Plug it in

Once you drape the chain or cord cover over the second hook insert the plug-in into the electrical outlet you have chosen.

Step 6 - Install Light Bulbs

Install the required number of light bulbs into your swag chandelier.

Step 7 - Turn the Power On

Use the switch that is built into the electrical cord for the swag chandelier and make sure the chandelier turns on and is working properly.

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