Hanging a Wall Fountain

What You'll Need
Wall fountain
Drywall Anchors

A wall fountain is a great addition to any room. They can add a soothing touch by providing the relaxing sound of water rushing or trickling down a waterfall. Many people will hang a wall fountain in an entryway, but they can go in any room of the house where people generally meet.

Hanging a wall fountain will differ slightly from model to model, but the general guidelines are all the same. Here is a quick guide on how to hang your own wall fountain.

Step 1-Read Instructions

Most wall fountains have to be assembled with the different pieces. The base will have to be connected to the top portion while the pump and tubing is also connected. Read the instructions carefully to ensure that you put it together correctly. For the most part, it is a straightforward process. However, each model is a little different.

Step 2-Mark Wall Where Fountain Will Go

Recruit a friend to help you hold the wall fountain in place while you mark the position of the fountain. Use a level and make sure that it's straight before making any marks. Make a mark on the top of the wall fountain as well as the bottom.

Step 3-Determine Hanging Method

There are two ways that the wall fountain can be hung. There can be slots in the back that you slide screws into. Another option is through a mounting bracket that is secured to the wall first. This is the better option, especially for larger wall fountains.

Step 4-Drill Holes for Anchors

Measure for the location of the mounting brackets and transfer them onto the wall where the fountain will be positioned. Drill pilot holes for the drywall anchors. Use a hammer and gently tap the anchors into the wall.

Step 5-Screw Mounting Bracket onto Wall

Take the bracket and, making sure it's level, screw onto the wall with your cordless drill or a screwdriver.

Step 6-Attach Wall Fountain to Bracket

Lift the wall fountain onto the wall and secure it to the mounting bracket. Make sure the fit is tight and that it's not leaning one way or another.

Step 7-Plug in and Fill with Water

Once the wall fountain has been hung, you can start adding some water. Add enough to cover the water pump. Plug in the water pump and let the water begin circulating. Slowly add a little more water to within an inch of the top edge of the bottom water basin. If you fill it completely it will overflow when the pump is not working. All the water that is in circulation will then settle back down to the bottom, causing the water level to rise. If it's too full, it can overflow and run down the wall onto your floor or furniture.