Hanging Crown Molding Shelves: Mistakes to Avoid Hanging Crown Molding Shelves: Mistakes to Avoid

Crown molding shelves are a decorative option which can be simple or ornate. They are not fixed to the wall with brackets but with cleats. A cleat is a wood fixture which is inserted in the shelf itself, and it is strong enough to support the shelf's weight and contents. In order to hang crown molding shelves well, you should refrain from these mistakes.

Not Using the Right Kind of Wood for the Cleat

The cleat needs to be very resistant so as to support the shelf's total weight. Failure to use high-grade wood will likely cause crown molding shelves to be weak or to start tilting.

Using Too Few Screws

You will commit a mistake if you use too few screws to fasten the shelf. Use them liberally so as to improve the shelf's sturdiness.

Not Making the Necessary Preparations

If you do not locate studs in the wall and make the necessary markings to serve as guidelines, you will probably end up with a tilted shelf.

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