Hanging Curtains Over Plantation Shutters

Some fashions come and go, and hanging curtains over plantation shutters is one of those fads that people may see in celebrity homes, and wonder whether it would look good in their own home. However, the combination of curtains and shutters may seem a bit excessive to the casual observer, and fitting a pair of curtains over these large shutters can be very awkward, and not very useful. If you are considering whether curtains should be hung over plantation shutters, you need to look at a few aspects before you put this design into practice.

Plantation Shutters Work

The purpose of plantation style shutters is to block out the light from a room. They are a series of hinged shutters attached to the window frame which can be opened to allow you to reach the window, and also moved around so that you can block out the light. They act very much as curtains, heavy wooden curtains, but they still prevent the sunlight from hitting the room, and therefore it may seem that adding curtains to your shutters is simply giving yourself more work than you need to. On the other hand, if your plantation shutters don't work, you may be considering adding curtains over the top to fulfill their purpose in shutting out the light. Rather than putting the curtains over the shutters, a better option may be to remove the shutters altogether.

Curtains May Hinder

If you put curtains up over the plantation shutters, you may find that neither of them work particularly well. You would have two sets of light blockers, both of which need runners to work, so it is not impossible that one will get trapped in the mechanism of the other, resulting in you having two kinds of curtains which don't work. Replacing the shutters with curtains may make more sense.

Get the Right Curtains

If you do want to go ahead with this idea, then you will need to buy a particular kind of curtain, known as a casement type, which move up and down, rather than from side to side. These curtains are less likely to have a mechanism which will interfere with the plantation shutters, so you can fit these, or you may try crane rod curtains, as these also will not block the movement of the shutters.

Put in Some Hard Work

Fitting your curtains to the shutters will be an awkward business, so be prepared to have some friends who will help you move the curtains around, and hold them up, while you attach the fittings to the walls. Before you consider the work finished, check the movement of both the shutters and the curtains, so that you will be able to see if either one interferes with the other. You will also have to place your curtains carefully when attaching the mounting plates, in order to minimize the interference from the shutters.