Hanging Drapery Panels Hanging Drapery Panels

The design of drapery panels and the weight of the fabric can help determine how you hang them. Most drapes should be hung on a drapery rod that is securely attached to the wall. The rod must be able to hold the weight of the drapes, so mount them in a stud or by using wall anchors. Securely hang them to avoid damaging your walls and to ensure that your drapes last for a long time.

Choose the Right Rod

Look at your drapery panels to make certain that you have chosen the right rod for the job. For example, a curtain that has open tabs on the top should be hung on an ornamental rod—not one that is meant to be hidden. You also would not want to use a traverse rod for the tab top curtains either. The rod you choose should compeiment your drapery selection, not create the need for a valance.

Choose the Right Hardware

Ensure that the hardware that comes with your rod is strong enough to hold up your fabric. Some weighty fabrics require heavy duty hardware. Also, keep in mind that other hardware, like the curtain hold backs or tie backs, can and should match your drapery rod.

Choose the Right Anchors

You can't just drill the hardware screws straight through the drywall. They will need to have some type of anchoring system. Make sure you have all the necessary hardware before you leave the store. Keep in mind that there won't likely be a stud in your wall every place you need to screw in a bracket.

Choose the Right Hooks

Choose the right hooks, especially if you are using a pleated panel or a traverse rod. These hooks are usually hidden behind yards of fabric, but you might need to choose models that can blend in with the décor of the room. Make certain that you provide enough hooks to hold up the fabric—you may need more than one pack.

Hang the Panels

Tab top panels are among the easiest to hang. Feed the rod through the tabs on one panel, and then the other. This will created curtains that open from the center outward. If you have just one panel, you may not have a bracket in the middle, so you can move them either direction.

Hook top panels hang on hooks that attach them to the rod. Make certain that you count out the hooks and put the correct amount on each side of the brackets. If you need more, you can purchase extra or remove extra from the rod.

With ring top panels, the rod is threaded through a series of rings or grommets that hang on the rod. Feed these the same way you would tab top curtains. If your rings clip open and closed, attach them the same way as you would hang hooks.

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