Hanging Drywall in Archways Hanging Drywall in Archways

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Drywall saw
Drywall nails
Drywall knife

When doing a home remodeling project, hanging drywall for an arch can be tricky, but can be done. There are 2 parts of an arch you will need to drywall, each requiring a different technique.

Step 1 – Drywalling an Arch Face

First measure the height and width of your arch face. Cut a drywall piece that will fit these measurements. Hold it against the face of the arch. Using a pencil, draw a curved line on the inside surface of this piece following the curve of the arch. Cut this piece from a drywall sheet following the line you've drawn. Place the cut-out piece against the arch face and attach it with drywall nails or screws.

Step 2 – Drywalling an Arch Undersurface

On the underside of the arch, measure to determine the size drywall piece you'll need. Cut a piece of drywall that will match these measurements. With this piece laying face down on a flat surface, score the drywall through its paper surface making scoring lines from top to bottom on the width of the piece.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Hold the scored piece up against the curved underside of the arch, then, push upward on the piece to bend the drywall, allowing it to follow the curve of the arch. Now, attach it with screws or nails.

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