Hanging Garage Door Screens: Mistakes to Avoid Hanging Garage Door Screens: Mistakes to Avoid

When hanging garage door screens, there are a few common mistakes that people make. Here is a quick guide to them, that will help you through the installation process with ease.

Mistake 1 - Not Knowing Where to Mount

One of the biggest problems is that people do not know if they should mount inside or outside of the door. While most of the screens are mounted outside of the door, they can be made for the inside, although rare. Make sure that you check this out before trying to hang.

Mistake 2 - Not Securing to Floor

Another big mistake that is common when hanging garage door screens is not securing them to the floor in many cases when they should be. Inserting PVC pipe at the bottom can really help out those who are living in a windy or harsh climate.

Mistake 3 - Not Using the Right Tools

Be sure to check with your manual or the company you purchased the screen from to find out what the proper tools are for installation and hanging. Many times you won't need a lot of tools or they will come with the installation kit. Using tools that aren't recommended can also be harmful to the process.

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