Hanging Pictures: Small and Medium Sizes Hanging Pictures: Small and Medium Sizes

Hanging pictures on your walls can transform a wall and help a lot in the décor of a room. We are talking here of small and medium size pictures that can add character to a room. We are not talking of big masterpieces that may tend to dominate a room and may require special lighting and other artifacts around them to bring out their splendor.

Follow these steps for hanging pictures of small or medium size.

Step 1: Choose the Framing

See that your pictures are properly framed and with frames that will suit the pictures you want to display. An over ornate frame could take away the effect of the picture whether it be art work or photos. Ensure that screw eyes have been properly placed on the back of the frame as these will take the wire that will ultimately be used to hang the picture.

Step 2: Support the Frame

Wire that you use to hang up your picture through the screw eyes must be strong enough to bear the weight of the frame and also be of the non rusting type. The wire should be put through the screw eyes and left slack enough to hang on the final nail or picture holder so that the picture automatically gets centered. Adding 2 pieces of felt to the bottom stile of the frame or to all 4 corners of the backside of the frame is a good way to ensure that the picture does not damage the walls and also is not easily affected by drafts.

Step 3: Positioning

Pictures can change the focal point of a room and therefore need to be positioned correctly on the desired wall so that they give the effect that is best. It is said that pictures are most effective when they are put on a wall at eye level. But this again becomes a debatable point as to whether the eye level should be of a person standing or of one sitting. A drawing room may have people generally seated and may therefore need to consider eye level of seated persons.

Step 4: Placement

Pictures placed in a hall or corridor may therefore be at the eye level of people standing. Drawing room pictures may be hung at slightly lower levels if the wall on which they are being displayed is only visible to people when they are seated. If the display of pictures is composed of a group this should be taken into account while deciding the placement.

A rule of thumb is to use the center of the picture or the group of pictures and position this center at a height of 60 inches from the floor. This will ensure that pictures will be at eye level in the case of small and medium sized pictures. Once the positioning has been decided, the picture should be hung up temporarily to decide on the place where the picture hanger or nail has to be driven into the wall. This may not be at 60 inch level as this would depend on the placement of the wire that hangs up the frame.  

Once your pictures have been correctly hung up you can consider the use of lighting or other devices to enhance the artwork.

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