Hanging Pictures while Sparing the Walls

We all like to hang pictures in a room, to add finishing touches, create focal points, display fun or memorable times with friends and/or family members, or just to fill a space that needs that special something. However, each picture that you hang has the potential to create damage to your walls, no matter which room you hang it in. Hanging pictures while sparing the walls is an option that just takes some finesse and experience, with a touch of help from the professionals.

Although it sounds unnecessary, some people should be reminded that measuring where you want the picture, so that only one hole is needed, is a great way to spare the walls, and the most obvious. Most people wind up creating several holes trying to get the picture in the perfect place, instead of just measuring and making sure before tapping in that nail or picture-hanging tool. Measure once, make sure it is right, and add only one hole to the wall.

Many brand names make their own style of picture hanging tools that make sparing the walls much easier. Some use putty or similar matter to stick light pictures to the wall, with easy to remove products that will not leave a permanent mark. These are not normally appropriate for bulky and/or heavy pieces, but are a great idea for standard picture frames. They do not stain or mar the paint, and will not leave a hole in the wall that has to be puttied and repainted later.

To minimize damage, use the most slender nail, tack, or picture hanging tool possible for the type of picture you are hanging. Hanging something big and bulky may require some light damage to the walls, but you can still minimize the damage simply by using the philosophy that, whenever possible, less is more in this case. If you take the time to measure and get the placement correct, then use the smallest hanging product possible for that picture, you minimize damage as much as possible.

When you are forced to use something more heavy duty, such as for hanging those big, heavy pictures, make sure that you use a wall stud, and therefore minimize damage from the screw not being supported properly. If the screw is not supported, it can cause a lot more damage to the wall, especially over time. You could wind up with holes that seem nearly impossible to cover, and could spend a lot of money on putty, Spackle, paint, and similar restoration materials.

There is no reason to avoid hanging pictures just to spare the walls, especially if you use these handy tricks to minimize or eliminate most of the damage. Pictures are a wonderful way to personalize your home, in every room, and can offer a lot of personality to any room that they are hung in. The key is to learn how to reduce the number of holes, take care to avoid unnecessary damage, and support heavy-duty screws holding heavy pictures in the right way.

This article was written by Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com - your best online source for flowers wall art and outdoor patio clocks.