Hanging Pots: Rack Ideas

When it comes to kitchen storage, pot racks are a great way to maximize space. There are so many different options to fit any style or budget you may have. Below are a few ideas that will help you utilize all available space in your kitchen.

Pot Rack Hung over the Sink

One favorite type of pot rack is a style that hangs directly over your kitchen sink. With this type of pot rack you can simply wash your pots and pans and hang them up to dry in a quick and efficient way. With busy lives it is essential to find ways to make the cooking and clean-up process an easy one.

Wooden Pot Rack Hung on the Wall

When considering a pot rack most people do not consider the possibility of a rack that hangs on the wall. This is a great possibility if you have vaulted ceilings or you do not want hanging pots used for decoration as a centerpiece in your kitchen. This type of pot rack will keep your cabinets from being overfilled and can be customized to fit the design of your kitchen from modern to traditional.

Dual Pot Rack and Window Treatment

A great way to add style to the functionality of your pot rack is by using it to create a window treatment. You can simply hang your pots and pans on a traditional drapery rod. It is wise to add extra support and a middle bracket to ensure the pots and pans remain secure. This is great to use in place of a valance over a kitchen window, and still allows you to see out the window clearly.

Pot Rack and Chandelier Combo

If you have a kitchen island, a great way to maximize storage and create a beautiful centerpiece is to choose a pot rack that can also be used as a chandelier. You can choose a style that allows you to use candle light; by lighting candles atop this pot rack you can create a relaxed mood throughout your kitchen. You can also choose to have electricity run into the area you would like to hang your chandelier/pot rack. This is a great way to incorporate light and storage all in one great piece.

Make Your Own Pot Rack

Another option if you are looking for an affordable and fun project for your kitchen is to create your own pot rack. You can use anything from an old wooden screen door to a set of dowels or two by fours and decorative chains. With this project you can be creative and enjoy making something that will add style to your kitchen, but also give you valuable extra storage space.

No matter how large your kitchen seems to be, you can never have enough cabinet or drawer space. By finding a place for a pot rack, whether it is on the wall, over a window, or even hanging above a kitchen island, you will create extra storage space that is vital to every home.