Hanging Screens to Use as a Bed Headboard Hanging Screens to Use as a Bed Headboard

What You'll Need
Screw gun

If you are looking for a different style of headboard, try making a bed headboard out of screens. This is a unique and very appealing way to make your bedroom a bit different. The few steps below will allow you to create this neat headboard.

Step 1 - Choose Your Screen

Depending on what you like, and what you are going for, will determine what kind of themed screens you want for your headboard.

There are many screens to choose from. There are screens with metal or wood frames. There are screens that are plain or that are printed to match the theme of your room. A common and popular type of screen is one that lets your imagination create your room. Research what you are looking for, before purchasing any.

Step 3 - Attach Screens

Now that you have decided where you want your screens to go, you can place them, and attach by using screws and your screw gun. Depending on what type of screen you have purchased, you will want to attach the screen with screws that go through the frame of your screen. This will prevent any damage to the actual screen itself.

Step 4 - Bring It all Together

Now that you have placed your screens where you want, it's time to bring it all together. Move your bed into place, and start decorating.

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