Hanging Split Jamb Interior Doors Hanging Split Jamb Interior Doors

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wooden wedges

Hanging a split jamb interior door is time consuming and moderately difficult task. However, with diligence to each step and patience this task can be done properly and in a timely matter.

Step 1: Take Measurements

Measure the door frame on which you will be hanging your new door and then measure the door itself. The sides of the door should be about 1/16 inch from the door frame, and the bottom of the door should be about a 1/4 inch from the floor or carpet. More than likely you will need to make adjustments to your door to fit the measurements you had taken. Use the saw or the plane to cut down the door to the correct size. Be VERY careful with these measurements. If you cut off too much, you risk having to purchase a new door. After you have the door cut down to the correct size smooth out the cut ends with sandpaper. Once all this is done use wood wedges at the bottom of the door to hold it steady as you try the door in the door frame. If the door does not fit, take new measurements and cut accordingly.

Step 2: Place the Hinges on the Door

On the end where you will be placing the hinges make a a pencil mark 6 inches from the bottom and another one 6 inches from the top. The 6-inch mark you make will mark the bottom of the hinge or the top of the hinge on top. Place the hinge on the mark you just made and trace around it with pencil so the outline is on the door. Put on your goggles and use the hammer and chisel to make a shallow indent where the hinge will fit. DO NOT cut out too much or it will be difficult to fix. You only want to chisel as much out so that the hinge is flush with the door. Next, place the hinge in the area you just chiseled out and mark with a pencil onto the door where the holes are on the hinge. Set the hinge aside and use the drill and a narrow drill bit to drill pilot holes (holes that will help guide in the screws). DO NOT use a drill bit that is larger than the screws you are using. After that place the hinges on the door and use the drill and screws to secure the hinge to the door.

Step 3: Hang the Door

Repeat the process you did while placing the hinges on the door. First, use wood wedges at the bottom of the door to hold it steady and have an assistant help you as you line up the hinges where they will be placed on the door frame. Use a pencil to mark the hinge holes on the door frame. Put the door aside and use the same narrow drill bit to make pilot holes. Use the wood wedges and the help of another person to hold the door steady as you screw the hinge to the door frame.

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