Hanging Vinyl Closet Doors Hanging Vinyl Closet Doors

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Vinyl Closet Doors

Closet doors can be made of different types of materials and have different looks. Vinyl closet doors are one such material. These types of doors are used in small closets that do not have enough swing room for either a bi-fold closet door or a door that swings outward or inward. The vinyl closet door is generally made as an accordion door. They are inexpensive and very easy to install. Here is a how to guide on installing your vinyl closet doors.

Step 1 - Install the Upper Track

Take the upper track for the vinyl closet door and push it against the top of the door frame. Hold the track stead and mark to spots for the mounting holes by inserting your pencil inside the locations for the holes on the track and making a mark on the door frame.

Step 2 - Drill the Holes

Using a drill, drill a small hole onto each of the marketing. This will create what is called a pilot hole. Add the plastic supports into the hole. This is just for extra sturdiness.

Step 3 - Attach the Top Track

Re-align the top track to the holes. Using your drill again, screw in the mounting hardware. Most vinyl closet doors come with the mounting hardware in the kit.

Step 4 - Attach Bottom Door Hinges

Install bottom hinges at the base of your closet door frame. You will want to place the bottom hinges right below the door track. Mount the first hinge with a screw and your power screw driver. Then, take a level and mark off the hinge at the opposite side. This will make sure the hinges are both in line with one another. Attach the second hinge with a screw and screw driver.

Step 5 - Add the Accordion Door

Pull up on one of your vinyl doors and attach it to one of the top hinges. Set the vinyl door inside the hinge bolts and guide it along into the track. You will need to flex the door a little while you complete this step.

Step 6 - Set the Bottom Hinge

Now that you have your top hinges set, you will need to set the bottom as well. Push the door into the hinge and along the track.

Step 7 - Test the Door

Test that your vinyl door operates properly. Make sure it smoothly runs forwards and backwards alongside the track.

Step 8 - Repeat Steps

If your closet is large enough to take two doors, repeat the process for the second door.

Step 9 - Clean Up

Clean up all of your tools and left over parts and pieces. Be sure to take the vinyl door instruction booklet and put it up for safe keeping so that you can refer to it later for cleaning and dismantling instructions. Test your doors one last time and make any minor adjustments necessary.

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