Hard Water Warning Signs: What To Look For

Hard water contains high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. The hardness degree goes up when these minerals increase in the water.

Hard Water Indications

The indicators of hard water are mostly visual. When you wash your clothes or bathe, you may notice:

    • Dingy colors
    • Scratchy clothes
    • Deposits of soap curds

    White clothes develop a gray hue and colored clothes are dulled. Dry glass dishes may show spots. After taking a shower or bath, your skin might feel sticky.


    The minerals stick to fixtures like faucets and shower heads, leaving filmy white and brown deposits. A layer of mineral deposits on a fixture can cause more dirt and soap scum to adhere to the surface.


    There are a couple of ways to remove hard water.

    • Water softener in package
    • Mechanical water softener

    The chemicals in packaged water softeners control its hardness with ingredients like borax and washing soda. This kind of softener can cause cloudiness and it adheres to surfaces.

    Mechanical units are installed in the plumbing. They systematically remove hard water minerals as water passes through the system.


    The water company has information concerning water hardness. A laboratory can test wells. Kits for testing water hardness can be purchased from supply companies.