Hardboard Siding vs Wood Siding

Hardboard siding and wood siding are often compared to each other despite not really being the same product. Both share similar qualities, but they are both still different from each other. The article that follows will share with you the differences, pros, and cons of both wood and hardboard siding.

Multiple Designs and Sizes

Wood siding is pretty basic in that it is basic wood that is either hung in sheets or staggered on top of each other. Hardboard siding is made by compressing particles of wood. Because it is a manufactured product, there are many designs you can choose from as well as lengths.

ECO Friendly

Normal wood siding is made by harvesting fresh timber. Hardboard siding is made by recycling and then compressing used timber. This means no trees are cut down in order to make hardboard siding.

Natural Protection

Traditional wood siding has all of the qualities associated with the particular wood it is made from. Cedar, for example, is naturally resistant to water, mold and insects. Hardboard siding has to be treated and maintained more often than regular wood.


Wood siding, depending on the wood, can cost much more than hardboard siding. The lower cost of hardboard siding doesn't detract from its natural wood appearance.