Hardwood Cloth

Hardwood cloth makes for a perfect Sunday project of making a basket to trap fish. Because of the woven steel mesh of fine wire it provides a sturdy enough basket for the weight of the fish. You’ll need a 2x8’ piece of hardwood cloth.

• Start by laying out the cloth and bending it into a box. Every two feet, make a bend in the cloth will create a perfectly square box.
• Next, enclose the ends that meet and tie them together. This is best done with a lightweight piece of wire.
• Next you’ll want to make the bottom by taking another piece of cloth and tying it to the bottom using the wire.
• Take two more pieces of hardware cloth and make a V opening. You can tie each one to a side of the box. This will allow the door to swing and get the fish in easier. Finally, you’ll want to create a little loop of wire to hold the doors together.

Important Tip for Creating Your Hardware Cloth Basket

When creating the basket make sure that you tie the ends tight and test the strength of the knots. This will prevent you from losing fish out of your hardware cloth basket.