Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood floor care does not have to be complicated.  There are so many amazing products on the market today that will make hardwood floor care simple and effective.  There are even many “green” hardwood floor care products that don’t cause undo harm to the environment nor omit any harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans.

General Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

There are some very general things you should and should not do in your hardwood floor care.  Water is never good for hardwood, so be sure to quickly clean up any wet spills and don’t ever clean it with damp or wet mops or rags.  Steam cleaners are sometimes appropriate for hardwood floor care, but be careful with this method.  Not all steam cleaners are designed for hardwood floor care.

Anything like dust or dirt can damage your hardwood and dull the finish.  Be sure to make sweeping and vacuuming a major part of your hardwood floor care.  Vacuums with beater bars are not good to use for hardwood floor care because the beater bar can actually dent your flooring.  Placing mats by all entry and exit doors can reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked across your hardwood floors.