Hardwood Floor Care Made Easy

hand cleaning hardwood floor with rag

Maintaining good hardwood floor care is not an easy task, but with these tips, you will be able to remove stains, polish, and keep your hardwood floor looking new.

Buffing, Cleaning and Polishing

Rent a buffer from you local grocery store. First, utilize the buffer to remove dirt and grease. Next you will need to use a floor-specific cleaner to clean your floor, or you can mix a solution of vinegar and water for surface sealed floors. If you don't have a surface sealed floor (rub your finger on it; if there's a smudge, its probably not surface-sealed) you will need to visit your local store and purchase a specific cleaner. Ph neutral cleaner will get your floor the cleanest, but will wear it down the most over time. Once you have cleaned your floor, apply your specific polish and smooth it with the buffer.

Stain Removal

Basic surface stains should come up with ease, but if a liquid is allowed to soak for a lengthy period of time, it will become embedded in the wood and will be difficult to remove. For surface stains, first try using water. If that fails, use a fine nylon rubbing pad and try to remove the stain. Try dabbing a little lacquer thinner on the stain. You can also utilize a stain removal product from the store. If the stain is too deep to simply clean, you can sand the area to remove the stain and then re-finish it.