Hardwood Floor Care the Green Way Hardwood Floor Care the Green Way

Proper hardwood floor care can keep your floors looking great for years, and using green cleaning techniques keeps your family and the environment healthy. To take care of hardwood floors without harsh cleaners, you will need a high-quality broom or dust mop, soft wet mop, bucket, water and citrus cleaner formulated for hardwood floors.

Step 1 – Determine What Type of Hardwood Floors You Have

Hardwood floor care differs for surface-finished or penetrating-finished floors. Surface finish appears smooth and glossy. Penetrating finish seeps deep into the wood, so you can feel the texture of the wood grain.

Step 2 – Damp Mop Surface Finished Hardwood Floors

While too much moisture causes hardwood floors to warp, surface finished hardwood floors have a more robust finish that stands up to a barely-damp mop. Use plain water. Vinegar, ammonia or other cleansers may cloud the finish.

Step 3- Use Citrus Cleanser on Penetrating-Finished Hardwood Floors

With a thinner surface coat of urethane, penetrating-finished hardwood floors are more prone to moisture damage, even from a damp mop. Use a soft cloth or mop with citrus-oil floor cleaner.

Step 4 – Sweep or Mop Regularly

Sweeping or dust mopping weekly, or even daily in high-traffic areas, keeps all hardwood floors from damage that requires costly refinishing.

Step 5 – Preventative Hardwood Floor Care

An ounce of prevention reduces the cleaning load for hardwood floors. Use doormats and keep wet, muddy or dirty shoes off hardwood floors.

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