Hardwood Floor Sanding Tools: What You Need

Hardwood floor sanding can refresh the look of your floor. If you plan on changing the stain on the floor you will need to sand. Sanding can also remove scratches and other minor damage that occurs with everyday wear and tear. Here are a few of the tools you will need to do the job right.

Drum Sander

If you are sanding a large area of flooring, you will want to rent a drum sander. These are large and bulky, and can take some time to learn to operate. However, they will save you a lot of time and wear on your knees if you are sanding a large area.

Belt Sander

If you have a small area, like a bathroom or small kitchen, then a smaller belt sander may work best. A drum sander won’t be able to squeeze in to small places. It’s also a good idea to use a belt sander in awkward corners. This will take more time, but will give you a more even look.


Having a shop vacuum will help with the cleanup process. After you sand you will have dust all over the place. The shop vacuum can make cleaning up the dust and other debris much easier.