Hardwood Plywood Flooring is the New Finished Look

Hardwood plywood is made from layers of veneers of hardwood bonded together to produce a durable material that can be easily laid as flooring.

The material comes in long planks which are easy and quick to apply. So hardwood plywood has the stylish design appeal of hardwood, with plywood's simplicity of application. Ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast to lay himself! The material can also be fashioned into furniture, so you can create pieces to match.

There are various types available: oak and beech are slow growing and therefore expensive; teak and mahogony are also pricy. Bamboo hardwood is becoming very popular due to its modern look.

To ensure environmental sustainability, check that the wood bears a quality mark of a responsibly managed forest.

Hardwood plywood is also stain resistant and easy and quick to clean, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas in the house like the hall, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Given that it is so easy to apply, hardwood plywood is also easy to replace if you change your mind about the décor of a room.