Harvesting Eggplant

The younger your eggplant when you pick them, the better they will taste. Read on to learn about indications that your crops are ready for harvesting.

Pick Them While Young

Your eggplants are ready for picking once they look plump and shiny—regardless of their size or how long they have been in the ground. The longer that you wait to pick them, the more bitter they will taste. More mature plant also contain a larger amount of unpalatable seeds and are spongy in texture.

Color Guide

Just because your eggplant has turned darker color doesn’t mean that it is ready for consumption. Feel each vegetable to make sure that it is firm before plucking it from the stem. Use a knife to cut the eggplant from its stem rather than just ripping it off of the vine.  

Harvest Immediately

When the eggplants are ready for picking, do so right away. There is a short window, and they may not be suitable for eating within at least a few days.

If you aren’t planning to use your crops right away, consider freezing them to save for later.