Hazards of an Ice Gutter Hazards of an Ice Gutter

If you live in a part of the country that's known for harsh winter weather, it's very important that you prevent your home's gutter from becoming an ice gutter. In addition to being extremely inconvenient, ice gutters can present a number of notable safety hazards.

Weighted-Down Gutters

An ice gutter stands to damage your home's gutter irreparably, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall. If too much ice accumulates in the gutter, the gutter is liable to become weighed down, which may result in it becoming severely bent or simply collapsing altogether. In either case, the gutter will most likely be rendered unusable.

Damaged Roofing

Another hazard caused by ice gutters is damaged roofing. Sometimes, if a large amount of ice accumulates in a gutter, excess moisture will find its way into your home's roofing, subsequently giving way to more ice. This typically results in broken pieces of roofing and, in some cases, leaks that occur inside of your home.

Dangling Icicles

Dangling icicles are a major safety hazard caused by ice gutters. Depending on the amount of ice that has accumulated in your gutter and the severity of your area's snowfall and windchill, an ice gutter can have a large number of long, spiky icicles hanging from it. These icicles can often do serious damage if they fall on any passersby.

While ice gutters can present worrisome safety hazards, it's important to keep in mind that the best way to prevent them is to keep your gutters clean during the spring, summer and fall months and to keep your home's attic nice and cool throughout the entire year.

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