Hazards of Chemical Drain Cleaners Hazards of Chemical Drain Cleaners

The hazards of chemical drain cleaners are vast. Chemical drain cleaners can be very effective for certain blockages, minor or severe, depending on what the blockage is. The reason these chemical drain cleaners are so effective is because they contain a lot of powerful and poisonous toxins. Precautions must be taken to ensure the product is used with care and safety in mind. Here are some guides that will make certain that you are using these chemical cleaners cautiously:


Chemical drain cleaner coming in contact with your eyes can cause irreversible damage. The best way to protect your eyes is to wear goggles. Keep the bottle as far away from your face as possible when handling it and wash your hands after each use.


Protect your skin as much as possible when applying chemical drain cleaner. Always wear gloves and don't leave your arms exposed. When drain cleaner comes in proximity when the skin it can cause severe rash and burning. If it does touch your skin immediately rinse the affected area with cool water for approximately fifteen minutes.


Do not allow chemical drain cleaner to come in contact with your mouth. This example is most crucial for young children. Children do not understand danger, so It is important to place the cap tightly back on the bottle and keep it out of the reach of children. Also make sure that after pouring the cleaner down your drain that it actually went down properly. Pets sometimes like to drink out of the sink, toilet or tub, so be aware of that when using this product. When chemical drain cleaners are swallowed the injuries could be fatal. Call a doctor immediately if you ingest any of the product.


The fumes in drain cleaner can be harmful. If you have asthma or some other respiratory condition it is advisable that you stay clear of using drain cleaners. Even people without any particular health condition can be impaired. So keep the area where the cleaner will be used well ventilated and don't inhale for long periods of time.


Never mix chemical drain cleaner with any other products. Drain cleaner is made as a one step solution to your blockage issues. Mixing chemicals are bad and is known to have caused respiratory problems, coma, and in rare cases loss of life.


When you are finished with the container it is best to rinse the bottle out thoroughly, secure the top on the container, and place it in the proper recycle bin. The residue from drain cleaners, which can still be dangerous, should be disposed of in this way to avoid any unintended harm.

Chemical drain cleaners are hazardous if used recklessly. Always handle this product with care, especially if you have small children, are responsible for an elderly person, or you have pets in your home. If you or anyone isn't feeling well after coming in contact with this product do not hesitate to seek medical advice. Keeping these simple steps in mind will help you elude any majors problems in the future.

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