Hazards to Avoid When Installing a Sectional Garage Door

When installing a sectional garage door, there are a few hazards that you want to try to avoid. Here is a quick guide to help you, so that you don't make the same mistakes that others have in the past.

Hazard 1 - Working Alone

Working alone when installing a sectional garage door can be a serious hazard. Often, you will see that the instructions state that you should be working with a partner. This is done for many reasons, but mainly so that the door doesn't fall on you and you have extra support. It is also important so that you can properly install the hardware which you typically need more than one person for.

Hazard 2 - Tension Springs

A lot of people have trouble with the tension springs. They have to be installed the right way, or the door can be very dangerous. Be sure to pay extra attention to this part of the installation process if you are doing it on your own, without the help of a professional.

Hazard 3 - Test the Unit

Not testing the unit is a big hazard. This should be part of the end of your installation process. Be sure to look out for any problems early on.