Headboard Ideas to Customize Your Bedroom Headboard Ideas to Customize Your Bedroom

You want your bedroom to be an adequate expression of your personality. After all, it's supposed to be your retreat for a restful night's sleep. Sometimes, a typical headboard just doesn't work. Maybe you want something less heavy or more dramatic than wood. Metal doesn't do it for you - it seems cold and sterile. You don't need to rely on the old stand-bys to make your room a reflection of yourself - forget the furniture store and consider these options for creating a unique statement.

The first easy option can be applied to any style or color scheme. Use fabric to create a clever wall decoration that will substitute for your headboard. You can use a curtain rod to hang one panel for a bold block of color, or use two panels and create a mock-window. Draw back the curtains with ribbons or hooks on the walls, and then place a framed picture or mirror between them. Instead of curtains, drape fabric like a scarf over the curtain rod, letting one side hang lower than the other. This has endless opportunities for embellishment - use decorative cord, silk flowers, or strings of beads to wrap around the fabric.

Pillows can create a luxurious, tactile effect. Choose your color scheme and pile them at the head of the bed. Use large pillows for the very back, and then build this wall of pillows with increasingly smaller ones as you work forward. For a tidy effect, make sure the pillows line up neatly - as if they have been arranged by your personal housekeeper. For something more carefree, worry less about setting the pillows right and more about how their colors complement each other and the rest of the room. Pillows come in many different degrees of firmness, in shiny fabric or velvet, with tassels, fringe, beading, or embroidery. Try different combinations until you find one that suits you best.

A screen can also double as a headboard. Depending upon what effect you're going for, there are many different types of screens that can identify with your look. Bamboo or rice paper screens are excellent for a minimalist approach. An antique painted or carved screen is divine when you want your bedroom to have a lavish atmosphere. Alternatively, you can buy plain panel screens at some hardware stores and stencil or decorate it yourself.

For a hint of Hollywood, cover squares of cardboard with quilt padding and satin fabric of your choice color - black for sleek and sexy, pink for something girly, or off-white for a subdued look. The amount of squares will depend on the amount of work you're willing to do - you'll have to measure your wall if you intend to cover the whole thing - but if you simply want a faux-headboard, try six large squares and attach them to the wall with Velcro.

Other headboard ideas include using the architecture in your room. If the roof slants, that can be a cozy nook in which to slide your bed. If you have a window whose sill sits above the top of your mattress, you can use that as well. Large pictures, tiered shelves, a mural, an eclectic grouping of empty picture frames, or an ethnic wall-hanging make ideal headboard substitutes, too.

Developing a satisfying environment which will result in an expression of your personal style often involves the creative process. Don't settle for the status quo when you decorate. Use unexpected elements in unique ways for amazing decorative statements.

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