Health Benefits of Saving Electricity

Reducing your carbon footprint by instituting electricity saving measures has many benefits: environmental, financial, and social, but it can also have a positive impact on your health. Performing little energysaving rituals every day can also promote holistic health benefits. The less electricity you use, the better for the environment: but there are many ways that you can improve your health and institute electricity saving plans for your home.

Get Up in the Morning

Go to bed earlier, and switch off all the lights and entertainment consoles, and get up earlier. Go for a walk before breakfast, or do some household chores: just remember not to put on the lights or the TV. Getting up earlier often helps the body to burn fuel more efficiently, so it might be worth getting out of bed early and walking to work.

Using Less Electricity for Heat

Using electric heat devices produces around four times as much carbon dioxide as natural gases. Using less electricity (by heating your home through wood-burning stoves, for example), helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, helping to improve your health.

Electricity Saving and Activity

A good way of saving electricity is to go out! Spending time in the outdoors can really improve your health, natural light  is converted by the body into vitamins and minerals (and if you don't fancy walking in the cold, you can always warm up in the gym!). Electricity saving can also involve not running the car so much: walk to work instead if you can. Use stair cases rather than elevators, as this provides a great cardiovascular workout, and prevents you being exposed to infections in closed quarters.

Wash by Hand

After dinner, do the dishes by hand, rather than putting them in the dishwasher overnight. Washing at the sink involves standing, rather than sitting down, and even that small activity can help you to stay active. You could also consider washing your clothes by hand: a few items of clothing won't take long, the vigorous scrubbing will give you a workout, and you will have performed another electricity saving task!

Play Games without Electricity

Gather the whole family together and play board games: you can find a range of games that don't require electricity at your local toy store. Board games can improve the mental health of a family by providing companionship and togetherness: it is surprising how much more the family communicates when they are not using electricity.

Health Benefits and Daylight Saving Time

Daylight savings time has already been introduced in some States, and while the actual electricity saving of each home is not much, there are possible health benefits associated with this system. Adults find themselves going out more in the fall and winter, due to the extra hour of light; brisk walks in the Fall evening can be romantic and relaxing too, helping to improve health. Jogging during the cold weather can improve cardiovascular fitness.

Burning less electricity can have many health benefits, including making the people in the home more active, and for longer periods of time. Electricity saving does not have to be all about self-denial: go out and enjoy your freedom from gadgets!