Health Risks Associated with Exposure to an Incinerator

Living or working near an incinerator has long been thought to cause health problems. However, for many years, no one really knew what to think about incinerators and whether or not they were really harmful. Here are the basics of incinerators and what they can do to your physical health.

Incinerator Risks

According to many recent studies, being subjected to an incinerator on a regular basis can cause many different health problems. Incinerators can let off many different toxins and pollutants into the air. Some of the possible health problems that you may run into as a result of breathing air from an incinerator include cancer, respiratory problems and birth defects.

The EPA does have standards that must be adhered to with incinerators. However, according to recent studies, even the standards are not quite enough to fully prevent the health risks associated with incinerators. Incinerators have been shown to emit such things as mercury, lead, dioxins and furans. Any of these things could potentially harm your health as a result of repeat exposure. If you live or work near incinerator, you may want to consider changing your current situation. People that frequently are subjected to incinerators are at a much greater risk overall.