Healthy Activities For Seniors On The Go

by Alden Smith

It is common knowledge that we live longer and are healthier today than we were only a few decades ago. Advances in medicine and technology can be a blessing and a curse. Many seniors need alternatives, depending on health and mobility, to stay happy and healthy. Seniors don't need extreme sports -- they need activities that are geared towards them and their lifestyle. The focus of this article will be on senior citizen healthy and alternative lifestyles, and where you can find them.

Things To Do

As seniors, we don't get old, we just get better. Many seniors are proving just that. Today, there are activities for senior that excel in sports and activities such as bridge and talent shows, and show no signs of letting up. Let's look at a few.

The Huntsman World Senior Games

Here is your chance to shine. The Huntsman World Senior Games, sponsored by title sponsors Jon and Karen Huntsman, is called "the premier senior athletic event in the world." This is not tough sports for those who are in poor physical shape; rather they offer a variety of games that any senior can participate in. The games are held in St. George, Utah, a desert community that is northeast of Las Vegas.

The World Senior Games

The games are organized with seniors in mind:

  • Basketball - played 3 X 3 or 5 X 5, half court. Offers both a men's and women' division. There are free throw and shooting competitions. For the seniors in great shape, they play a regular 5 X 5 full court game. This is one of the top tournaments in the nation.
  • Bowling - also very competitive with an emphasis on meeting new people and making new friends. The Games have a very liberal format, so there is a good opportunity for many seniors to "go for the gold."
  • Track and field - the competition is in 5 year groups. This event is the best of its kind, and there are also international competitors who race.
  • Horseshoes - healthy competition one on one or with a partner. Look for serious competitors here.
Along with these activities, they feature bridge, a cowboy shoot, cycling, golf, lawn bowling, mountain biking, pickleball, race walking, racquetball, road races, softball, square dancing, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, triathlon and volleyball.

The HSWG is a really great event with serious competition. The event is considered to be the best in the world. They feature along with the events listed a talent show, health screening. Lectures on healthy living and ceremonies are featured daily.

The HSWG website gives all information concerning travel and accommodations. The weather in St. George is warm and dry during the games.

Getting Fit

Studies show that seniors who exercise regularly and are careful in their nutritional needs live a longer life. Look at George Burns -- at his 95th birthday party, he said that he has a regimen of diet and exercise, and plans to live to see his 100th birthday.

If we are to compete in things such as the World Senior Games, it makes sense to get into shape. Many seniors feel that they are too old, that their muscles are atrophied and will no longer be of good use to them. They worry that they might be injured in any strenuous activity. Nothing can be further from the truth. A good place to begin is with water therapy, gradually building up to swimming. It is one of the best activities that a senior can do to increase fitness.

Activities for seniors on the go should include an exercise program, and a lot of community activity centers provide this. Nearly every community not only has an exercise program, but other activities that are of interest to the senior citizen. Everything from bridge to bingo to walking tours is generally included in community activities.

Other Things To Do

Perhaps you have no desire to compete in Olympic style games, or want to be involved in something a bit less strenuous. Look to the web for your answers to these questions. Research your community website and find activities that might get your interest. A lot of communities have garden clubs. Most all seniors have some experience with gardening, and this is a good activity that can get you out of the house, meet new people, and share your knowledge with others.

Go on walking tours, or join a local bridge club. Almost every hospital has a wellness center that gives special attention to seniors and exercise. There are many volunteer activities in the community. Help out with Special Olympics next year. Whatever your choice, stay active and live longer.

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Alden Smith is an award winning author and regular contributor to He writes on a variety of subjects, and excels in research.