Healthy and Delicious Celery Recipes Healthy and Delicious Celery Recipes

Celery is one of the most resourceful and versatile vegetables to be found on the market. Not only does it have a distinct aroma but it is one of the few plants which can be entirely eaten. Moreover, celery has proven health related benefits to it, such as its high vitamin content, and potassium levels. Apart from being used as a crunchy garnish to your favorite garnish, celery can also be added to soups, salads, eaten with dips and a lot more.

Nutritional Benefits

Celery is known to contain a lot of vitamins and to be highly beneficial. In fact, celery leaves are high in Vitamin A levels, while the stems are a wealthy source of potassium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, phosphorus and iron together with the addition of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. Moreover, celery contains fiber which can aid with constipation problems. This resourceful plant is also a carrier of natural organic sodium, commonly known as salt, which is essential for the body and even safe for consumption by people with high blood pressure. However, what makes celery so endearing for healthy diets is the fact that most of its vitamins and nutrients are not lost when cooked unlike with most other vegetables or foods.

Quick Ideas For Healthy and Delicious Recipes

The versatility of celery lies in the fact that it can be eaten both raw and cooked and that it goes extremely well with many other ingredients, fruits and vegetables. One of the quickest ways to using celery is in dips, where the plant would be eaten raw after being dipped in a dip of your choice. The ideal dip would be low calorie like Dijon-mustard, low-fat creams or even home-made dips spiced up with herbs. Fresh celery juice and cream of celery soup are among the other most popular recipes with health bonuses and that a yield wonderful taste. Moreover, celery can be employed in stuffing, casseroles and purees.

Fresh Celery Juice and Health Related Problems

Celery, as one of the healthy vegetables available on the market can be transformed into recipes that not only are delicious but have added health benefits. Fresh celery juice which is generally recommended for menstrual problems in women is easily and quickly done by simply running a stalk of fresh celery into the juicer. Moreover, it can be combined with other fruits or vegetables such as apples and carrots for a boost of vitamins. Fresh celery juice is also advisable to those who suffer from asthma attacks or constipation problems.

Celery Soup a Healthy, Delicious and Quick Meal

As one of the most nutritious and rich in taste soups, celery soup takes center stage with low fat dieting. It is a quick and easy recipe that helps boost kidney function and relieve inflammations caused by bronchitis, asthma and gout. In a cream of celery soup there is generally an addition of olive oil, onions, chicken broth, potatoes and herbs such as thyme, all cooked together and blended to create a rich and creamy soup. This kind of soup should be one of your main dishes if you are trying to fight cholesterol problems especially since celery is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Celery is not only one of the most versatile and resourceful vegetables on the market but it is also full of benefits and can be employed in quick and easy recipes that are both healthy and scrumptious. However, these are only a few ideas that you could use. Remember that celery goes well with a great combination of other products, vegetables and fruits so do not hesitate to try it out with your most favorite dish.

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