Healthy Dinner Recipes that Are Tasty and Easy to Make

Good food and healthy dinner recipes seem to be the primary interest of anyone who is cooking either for themselves or for a family. With so much talk about obesity and poor nutrition, almost everyone has become more conscious of what they are eating and how often. We are inundated with information telling us how much fruits and vegetables to eat each day and what supplements are good for us and which are not.

Healthy Recipes for the Busy Cook

There are a ton of prepared foods on the market that say they are healthy and nutritious. But are they really? What can be healthier than a good home cooked meal like mother used to make? But for some, this is almost impossible because schedules don't permit the time it takes to cook a healthy meal. Because you are busy, you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as you can and yet prepare a healthy meal. In that case, use nutrient dense food that is quick and easy to fix.

There are meals that can be made quickly, such as grilled sandwiches and soup, skillet dishes, grilled meats, pizza, a thirty minute pasta meal, frittata, or soup and salad. These meals can all be prepared in thirty minutes from start to finish. The only preparation you have to do beforehand is to think about what you want to make or look for a recipe and check your ingredients, all of which can be done well in advance. You do not have to stop cooking healthy because you are pressed for time.

What’s Healthy and What’s Not

There are many foods that are considered healthy and are high on the healthy eating charts, such as skinless chicken breasts, fresh cold water fish, lean meats, fresh salads, baked potatoes, beans, low fat yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and so much more. It is recommended that the meat, fowl and fish be marinated to give them more taste and that they be boiled, grilled, baked, or broiled rather than fried.

Carbohydrates seem to be the enemy of all cuisine but that is not exactly true because there are some good carbohydrates in foods such as grains, and beans.

How Do I Know What Healthy Dinner Recipe Is For Me?

If a dinner recipe is healthy, it is good for almost anyone, unless of course, you have some dietary restrictions. Those restrictions would be diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and others. We know that if a person has diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2, they should eat meals that are sugar free and low in starches. If a person’s dietary restriction is due to obesity, then we know that person should eat in smaller portions, and if the person has high blood pressure, then a low sodium diet is the best. Otherwise, a healthy diet with a minimum of sugar, fats, and sodium are good for every healthy person without restriction.