Heat Pump Replacement: Mistakes to Avoid

High efficiency modern heat pump unit, energy save solution in front of brick wall.

When it comes time to do a heat pump replacement, you want to make sure to do the installation properly. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you avoid common mistakes when installing a heat pump.

Get the Proper Size Pump

When picking the heat pump, you need one that is big enough to do the job of keeping the house warm in the winter, but not so big that it overwhelms the system. Bigger is not necessarily better.

Avoid Drafting

A widespread problem with high wall heat pumps, a common model, is drafting. This happens when the fan keeps running, even when the heating unit isn’t on, or when the inverter is operating slowly and only air that is barely warm is being produced. To avoid this, it’s important to put the indoor unit in the right location when you install it, so the air won’t be directed to places you don’t want it to go.

Install at the Correct Height

Heat pumps need to be installed using the proper height, according to the manufacturer’s directions. A high wall unit, for example, isn’t meant to be installed close to the floor or right up against the ceiling. It should be in the middle or it won’t work properly.

Account for the Noise of Outdoor Pumps

Sometimes, outdoor heat pumps make a lot of noise. The larger the heat pump is, the louder it has the potential to be. Pick a location where this noise won't be a problem, or consider a sound dampening enclosure. Plus, remember that inverter heat pump systems help to reduce noise, due to their soft startup.