Heat Pump Thermostat Installation

What You'll Need

Installing a heat pump thermostat can be an important part of maintaining a home heat pump. Thermostats are vital when it comes to keeping the temperature of your pump at a safe level. In addition, the right sort of thermostat can save you a great deal of money by keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Heat pump thermostats are usually installed by the manufacturer before the pump leaves the factory, but if you wish to install a new thermostat, or replace a broken one, then this can be easily done, either by calling in a professional or by installing it yourself. If you are a keen home improvements fan, following a few simple rules can help you do this job yourself, quickly and easily.

Step 1  - Programming Your Thermostat

Before installing, you may choose to program the thermostat. It is sometimes easier to do this in the comfort of your own armchair than struggling to manage with the job at a later date. Setting the thermostat before you install it can also help you to familiarize yourself with the type of stat you have, as the many different varieties mean that installation can vary differently with each one. Take the time to read the installation instructions before proceeding.

Step 2  - Remove Your Old Thermostat

Once you are ready to proceed, ensure that the water is turned off at the mains, and that any power is also disconnected. You should then remove the cover of your old thermostat. This will usually require a screwdriver. Once you have taken this off, look for the wires to the old thermostat. Remove any wires you can see, and then start taking out the stat. Check for screws, and then extract the thermostat from its location using a wrench if necessary.

Step 3 - Install New Thermostat

Once you have removed the old thermostat and any wires, take off the metal wallplate. You should be able to remove the wallplate from your new stat by lifting it off using a tab at the bottom, although some types may require a screwdriver. Unscrew and leave the stat to one side. Place the new wallplate onto the wall, and pull the wires which you removed from the old stat through the plate. Take your thermostat, and holding one wire into the correct terminal at the back (these will differ with each make, so check your instructions), screw down into position. Ensure that they are tightly in place. Repeat for all the other wires, and then push any excess wiring back down the hole in the wall. Place your thermostat against the wallplate, and screw in to place.

Step 4 - Check Your Installation

Once all the parts are positioned into the wall, make sure that the thermostat has any batteries or outside power source connected, and then turn the mains electricity and water back on. Set your thermostat to turn the heat pump on, and wait for the water to heat up, and then be pumped. If this does not happen, then you need to turn off the power again, and check the wiring for faults. Once you are satisfied, leave the thermostat to fulfil its job.