Heat Transfer Properties of Radiant Heat in Concrete Floors

Radiant floor heating for concrete floors is efficient and cost-effective. There are 3 types of radiant floor heating: electric, hot water and air heated floors. All 3 can transfer heat through concrete floors.

Source 1 - Electric

  • If you want to use an electric source, you can do so through heated cables, mesh or other elements in plastic films, such as mats, that are collected under a floor. Electric radiant floors are cost-effective if they gather a considerable amount of thermal mass. These are great for concrete floors. If the thermal mass is large enough, your house will remain warm for 8 to 10 hours.

Source 2 - Hot Water

  • Hot water tubing is also very cost-effective. The warm-water tubing extracts hot water from a boiler through tubes under the floor. The temperature can also be regulated by managing the amount of water that goes through the tubes. This water system can be inlayed on the top of a concrete subfloor and covered with an overlay.

Source 3 - Air-Heated

  • Air heating is the least cost-effective option to heat your concrete floor. When combined with solar air heating systems, the heat is only available during the day. It is also not recommended to use rocks as a heat storage method.