Heated Car Seat Covers: Important Safety Precautions

Heated car seat covers can provide additional heating for pets, passengers and drivers when the car heating system isn't pervasive or quick enough. While generally safe to operate by plugging into your vehicle's power outlet, there are a few important safety precautions to take:

Never Leave the Seats Plugged in

You should plug in and unplug heated car seat covers as you use them. Leaving them plugged in is generally not especially unsafe, but it can cause additional drainage on the car battery. If you don't need the seats plugged in and you leave them in too often, you may wind up with a dead battery in the middle of cold and inclement weather.

Make Sure Pets Don't Chew and Keep Nails Trimmed

Many pet owners get the heated car seat covers for their pets. However, it's important to make sure the animal is trained not to chew on the seat covers or the power cord, as this can cause a fire hazard. Long nails can also tear at cords and the seat cover material, so keep your animals' nails trimmed.

Always Wear Seat Belts

Heated car seat covers are generally manufactured in such a way that their power cords won't interfere with seat belt use, but it may be tempting to forgo the seat belt if the cord is in the way. Always buckle up.