Heating Duct Cleaning with Everyday Home Items

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner with brush and hose
Work gloves
Cleaning brush
Cloth or rag
Screw driver
Lubricating oil
Household cleaner

In order to maintain the quality of air in your home heating duct cleaning on a regular basis is a good idea. This can be easily done with the use of few every day home items.

Step 1 – Preparation for Cleaning

Keep all the tools and materials ready and handy. Move the furniture well away from the heat duct system to protect it from dust that might be generated when you clean the heating duct. Also make sure that the floor around the air duct entrance area is clean, so that you don't lose any screws or other small objects when removing the covers of the air ducts.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Air Duct Covers

  • Remove the air duct covers or the grille plates that cover the air duct system. The air duct covers are screwed into place. You will have to use a screwdriver to remove them. Sometimes removing the screws could be difficult due to rust. You could thus use lubricating oil to help you ease out the screws.
  • Clean the walls of the covers thoroughly. You can do this by taking the duct covers out of the house to clean them. Try and wipe away the dust with a rag or brush it away, as a strong suction vacuum may damage the walls that may be covered with filters.
  • If the dirt is stubborn, use a sponge soaked in hot water and some household cleaner to wipe of the dirt. Dry them in sunlight or carefully wipe away the moisture after cleaning.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Ducts

  • Use the brush and the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner, to clean the ducts. Ensure that the hose or brush that’s attached to the vacuum cleaner is tightly held in position to prevent it from falling in, while in use. Remember, it would be a tough task to retrieve it if it falls.
  • With the hose attached to the vacuum cleaner, you can reach down a few feet to clean the air ducts. However, the entire length of the duct cannot be reached in this manner. Once you’ve vacuumed the dust from the air duct, use a wet sponge and a household cleaning solution to wipe the insides of the heating ducts, as far out as you can reach. Mold spores would have accumulated over a period of time and you have to clean those off as well. Make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands. If the heating ducts are made of fiberboards or fiber glass the cleaning could be a little difficult as they are not as hardy as metal and excessive pressure may crack or break them.

Step 4 - Placing the Covers Back in Position

After cleaning the air ducts, you have to screw the covers back in position. Once this is done, run the vacuum over them again to remove any dust particles that might have settled, while you were cleaning the heating ducts on the inside.

You can save money by periodically cleaning the ducts yourself. This helps to prevent dust and debris deposits from polluting the air that circulates inside your home.