Heating Wood Stoves Heating Wood Stoves

Heating wood stoves provide an alternative to fireplaces and other heating options. Similar in design to a fireplace, wood burning heating stoves do require outdoor ventilation. They do not, however, demand a full-sized chimney.

How Wood Stoves for Heating Work

There are a number of mechanisms that drive the inner workings of wood stoves for heating. Whether a model is an old-fashion potbellied stove or a newer catalytic wood burning stove, there will be an enclosure for housing the fuel source (wood) and a flue system for removing the emissions.

Flue systems in heating wood stoves are what make these models stand out over normal fireplaces. Heating wood stoves can technically be installed anywhere a simple run for the flue system can be made to the outdoors. Oftentimes, heating wood stoves are placed in a central location within a home to provide both comfort and aesthetics.

Uses for Heating Wood Stoves

Wood burning heating stoves are used in home for two main reasons. The uses for heating wood stoves include:

  • Space heating, but the effectiveness can depend on the type of heating wood stoves selected;
  • Aesthetics are also a factor. Non-catalytic heating wood stoves tend to be preferred for this reason.


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