Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

For a quick, strong bond, consider using a heavy duty spray adhesive, ideal for foam, fabric, fiberglass, leather, fiberboard plastic and paper applications. Heavy duty spray adhesives are produced by Henkel, 3M, Elmer's and Misty among others. Spray adhesives are easy to apply, make virtually no mess, and work quickly to form a powerful bond. With its web-like spray, little of the adhesive soaks into the materials, making spray adhesives ideal for porous surfaces such as foam. 


Heavy duty spray adhesives are waterproof, they dry clear, and they will not stain the surface materials. Quite flexible as well, you typically have a little time after application to reposition the fabric, foam, paper or other materials to get it exactly right. You can even apply heavy duty spray adhesives to uneven surfaces. Because it's more heavy duty than standard spray adhesives, heavier-weight materials may be affixed. Spray adhesives are flammable and should only be applied in ventilated spaces. 


Use a heavy duty spray application to upholster a cushion, to adhere carpet to padding or to make a decorative collage. Other uses include attaching photos to matte boards, making costumes, and affixing duct liner in HVAC systems. For a wide variety of light- to medium-weight applications, heavy duty spray adhesive is the glue of choice.