Henkel Adhesives

Offering an incredibly diverse supply of glues, contact cements and other products, Henkel adhesives are produced under a variety of different brands. Henkel is the parent company of brands like Pattex, Loctite, Ponal, Rubson, UniBond, LePage, Elch Pro and Pritt. With many basic adhesives used in schools, homes and offices as well as construction and industrial adhesives used to form stronger bonds, Henkel adhesives are sold in the U.K., Germany, Canada and the United States among other places. Whether affixing two pieces of paper together for a school project or making a bond between a piece of vinyl trim and the wall, Henkel adhesives provide the right product for the job. 

Basic Adhesives

Homes, schools and offices all have a need for various kinds of glue, from common water-based glue used on paper to rubber cement and instant-bonding superglue. Pattex, Pritt and Loctite all offer several types of contact adhesives, all-purpose adhesives and wood adhesives for all manner of use. Epoxies and hot melt glue are also available. Loctite, in particular, specializes in superglues and bonding agents for glass and plastic. 

Stronger Adhesives

Henkel also excels in the production of home repair adhesives for a wide range of uses. Forming stronger bonds on numerous materials, Henkel's companies offer tiling adhesives, heavy-duty contact cements, household, shop, construction and woodworking adhesives useful for everything from vinyl and polypropylene foam to wood, stone and metal. Other adhesives produced for home use include PVA glues, cork and parquet glues and various other specialized multipurpose glues. 

Construction Adhesives

Many of the same adhesives used for do-it-yourself applications in the home are used on construction sites everywhere. From high-strenth wood glues, contact and construction adhesives to to special epoxies and other bonding agents, Henkel construction glues are made for all tasks. Available in a wide variety of applicators, from caulking tubes and bulk containers to hand-squeeze tubes, Henkel adhesives are powerful as well as conveniently accessible.