Henkel Glue

Making products for home, school and office use as well as for do-it-yourselfers looking to make their own repairs, Henkel glue is available under several brand names. Henkel glues include powerful superglues sold under the Loctite and Pattex brand names. In addition, glues with the Pritt label are available as well. Other brands that produce adhesives under the Henkel umbrella of companies include Rubson, UniBond, LePage and Ponal. 

Home, School and Office Glues

For domestic as well as light professional use, Henkel glues packaged under the Pattex brand include contact adhesives, wood adhesives, epoxies and hot melt glues. Whether making crafts at home or designing display projects in school, Henkel glues are ideally suited for paper, cardboard, lightweight wood and other materials. Superglues are instant-curing adhesives that bond through a chemical reaction with moisture on the surface of the object. 

Repair Glue

For light home repairs, a variety of Henkel glues are available. Rubson produces adhesives for tiling, while LePage offers a variety of contact cements, construction adhesives and woodworking glues. Pattex adhesive products include a number of contact adhesives, superglues and multipurpose glues. 

For virtually all needs, whether working with arts and crafts or repairing something around the house, Henkel glues provide the suitable product.