Herbicide Types Herbicide Types

The use of an herbicide to get rid of common weeds is very common today. There are many different brands and types of herbicides on the market and at garden centers. However, they basically break down into two different groups – selective and non-selective herbicides.

Selective Herbicides

A selective herbicide is a weed eradicator that is designed to kill specific targeted types of weeds. For example, an herbicide that kills crabgrass is a selective herbicide because it is designed to only kill crabgrass and not surrounding other types of plants.

Selective herbicides can be especially effective for weeds that have already emerged in an established lawn or garden plant bed because they are safe for the surrounding foliage and vegetation. Selective herbicides are the most commonly used type of weed eradication product used by homeowners.

Non-Selective Herbicides

Non-selective herbicides are designed to kill all plants that it comes in contact with. Non-selective herbicides can be very effective in clearing out large areas of gardens or lots where weed infestations are substantial. Generally, non-selective herbicides are not used by most homeowners because of the mass plant destruction that results from their use.

In order to prevent the build-up of resistance that may result from frequent use of selective herbicides, homeowners and gardeners can use several different types or brands of selective herbicides that are targeted for the weed they are attempting to eliminate.

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