Hexagon Tile Design for a Modern Backsplash Hexagon Tile Design for a Modern Backsplash

Hexagon tile can make an attractive an unusual backsplash in your bathroom. It can look very contemporary but will also work with older period designs.


You can make the entire backsplash from hexagon tile to create a honeycomb effect on your backsplash. This is the simplest design and it is one that’s easy to install above the bathroom sink. It’s incredibly effective and you can vary the look depending on the size of hexagon tile you use in the backsplash.


To look different you could put border tile, such as subway tile, above and beneath the hexagon tile, essentially creating a frame in your backsplash. This can work well in a modern bathroom if the colors are well chosen to offer ample contrast to each other and to give a complement to the other bathroom colors.


Tumbled mosaic hexagon tiles can give a metallic sheen and look stunning as a backsplash. To aid installation, they come stuck on a mat. All you need to do is cut of the width you need, stick it to the wall and grout in the color of your choice. The bolder the colors you choose with a hexagon tile backsplash the more modern it will look.

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