Hiding a Vertical Air Conditioner Cord

What You'll Need
Wire Cover
Cord Shortener
PVC Raceway
Cutting Implement
Tape or Twisty Ties

There are several reasons you might wish to hide the cord for your vertical air conditioner. You may have a young child who takes great delight in chewing on electrical cables, the cord may present a tripping hazard or it is just plain ugly.

Simple Cover Up

The easiest way to hide a cord is to put it behind already existing furniture. If you have many cords in the same area, tape them together, making one strand. It is possible to hide the cord under a rug, but this can create a fire hazard.

If you merely wish to shorten the cord for your air conditioner, purchase a cord shortener. This device will roll the cord into a contained unit. This unit can then be near the outlet. This outlet can be easily hidden by a piece of furniture.

A PVC runway is an easy way to hide your cords. The PVC runway is placed over cables that run along the wall. It comes in many colors. If a color doesn’t suit your needs, simply buy a paint that matches the color in the room. Be sure to buy a runway that will fit the size of the cords you wish to hide. The easiest type of PVC to install has an adhesive back.

Step One: Beginning Installation

Begin by measuring the distance the cord will run. Cut the PVC to match. Sand the edges of the pipe to avoid ragged ends. Shorten and straighten the air conditioner cords as much as you are able. Remove the adhesive backing and attach the PVC to the wall. The PVC should run in a straight line, horizontal or vertical. If you need, adjust the cord to fit inside the runway. When you come to a corner be sure to cut the edges of the runway to fit around the corner.

Step Two: Final Touches

Once you have covered the entire cord, look again to be sure you have straight lines. If you could not find a PVC runway that was the same color as your room, you will have to paint over it. When you do this, paint a small area first.  Be sure that the dry paint is the same color as your wall. Once you are certain the paint is the correct color, carefully paint over the runway. Do your best to blend the runway into the walls. This will make it harder for anyone to see that you have cables running everywhere.

Once you are satisfied with your work, step back and enjoy it. You no longer have to worry about cords as you enjoy the cool air from your air conditioner.