High Efficiency Boilers High Efficiency Boilers

High efficiency boilers are furnaces that operate by taking advantage of condensing to lower energy consumption and energy bills. This type of boiler has been available for decades and is favored by many for its financial and environmental benefits.

How High Efficiency Boilers Work

High efficiency boilers save energy by recovering heat that would normally by removed through the flue system of an older model, non-condensing boiler. High efficiency gas boilers have large heat exchange mechanisms that enable them to maximize the transfer of heat from the burner. In the condensing mode, high efficiency boilers simply limit the loss of flue gases. This enables high efficiency boilers to take better advantage of heat produced.

Efficiency Ratings

Boiler models have efficiency ratings that rank from A to G. High efficiency boilers, which are always condensation models, have an A rating. A boilers efficiency is a concern for those who want to keep energy bills as low as possible.

Boilers Efficiency has Several Impacts

High efficiency boilers are considered the superior models for a few advantageous reasons over non-condensing models. High efficiency gas boilers not only save money, but they reduce the use of natural gasses, as well. This makes high efficiency boilers the more environmentally friendly choice.


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