High Efficiency Oil Furnace: Electrode Maintenance

It is important to maintain a high efficiency oil furnace to keep it functioning very well year after year. Some say that it does not need to be serviced for about three years, but you do not have to take risks. Your failure to maintain it would result in less efficiency and inability of the oil furnace to produce desired amount of fire. Thus, it is better and safer to maintain it every year.

Cleaning and maintaining your high efficiency oil furnace is not that difficult; however, you should be careful with the parts you remove and you should remain focused. When you service your oil furnace, you have to use old clothes because it would be very messy and some oil may spill on you.

Here are easy steps that can help you maintain your own high efficiency oil furnace:

Tools and materials



Old cloth

Replacement filter and gaskets

Step one

Make sure the power is turned off and then you can begin disassembling the burner assembly which has the electrodes in it. Another thing you have to consider is the type of your unit, which is the basis of removing the assembly. You can do that by simply tracking the oil line which starts from the pump to the furnace. Then you will be able to identify what type of oil furnace you have.

Step two

Take the nozzle out and change it once you have the burner removed. You have to ensure that the nozzle replacement should have the same spray pattern to retain the same circulation of oil in the spray cone.

Step three

Clean the rest of the assembly to get rid of all the unwanted residues. After that, examine the electrodes and check its gap and position. Make sure that all cracked ones are replaced. Those that are corroded should also be replaced. It is necessary for you not to forget or skip any part of the oil furnace because you will only have to check it again afterwards.

Step four

You should have the tool needed to gap the electrodes. You can buy this tool at the nearest supply store at a minimal cost. Never service your oil furnace without this tool because this will cause a fire and the oil furnace will be broken.

Step five

Get a cloth and wipe all the air passages to the oil furnace. Clean all the different parts within its interior including the oil pump, the electrodes of the transformer, and the transformer itself. And if your unit has a flame sensor, you should clean it too.

Step six

Put back all the parts you disassembled properly and carefully. It is also advisable to replace the oil filters and gaskets. Switch on the oil furnace after the replacement or maintenance. Observe the flame which should appear in an instant. After that, your oil furnace will start if all its parts are properly placed.

Step seven

You have to regulate the airflow for the flame. You should see the flame in the inspection port. When you adjust the airflow, you will see different types of flame. You will see a smoky and dull yellow flame when the airflow is down and bright yellow when it is up. Then a bright flame with a touch of blue characterizes a lean flame. After testing the flame, shut the inspection post.