High Pressure Washer Hose

For personal and commercial-use pressure washers, a high pressure washer hose is needed to handle the strain put on the attachment. High pressure washer hoses are typically available in 50- and 100-foot lengths. Hoses featuring universal quick-coupler attachment ends are suitable for use on a wide variety of machines, including Northstar, Karcher, Campbell-Hausfeld and others. Pressure washers usually feature a max PSI of at least 1000. Heavy-duty machines pressurize water up to 4000 PSI and therefore require stronger hoses. 

Choosing the Right High Pressure Hose

An adequate pressure washer hose will feature a PSI rating at or higher than the rating of the tool itself. Thus, a 3000-PSI pressure washer requires a hose rated to at least 3000 PSI. Better yet, a 4000-PSI rated hose ensures the hose won't come close to bursting. Other specifications to look for include the diameter of the inner core that matches the attachment coupler. With hot water pressure washers, high temperature-rated hoses are necessary. 

Hose Construction

Built in three layers, a high pressure hose consists of an inner core, a wire wrap and a rubber or thermoplastic outer cover. For high-pressure applications, an "R-2" or dual-wire wrapped hose is recommended. With two braided wire layers instead of one, R-2 hoses are stronger and more capable of withstanding the pressure, while maintaining their flexibility.