High Tank Toilet Conversion Kits

What You'll Need
Wall mounts
Motorized screwdriver
New flush lever

If you have ever been inside a restroom and then noticed that instead of having a toilet on the ground, the tank resting right above it, the tank is raised in the air, this is called a high tank toilet. If you are looking to add a touch of elegance, or perhaps enhance the image of the Victorian age, converting your current toilet to a high tank toilet is a rather simple job to do.

Step 1 – Shut Off Your Water Supply

This is a very important first step. If you don’t turn off the water supply, you are going to have a very large mess on your hands. So be sure to shut off the running water flowing to the toilet. You are now going to have to remove the pipe that connects the flow of water from the tank to the toilet.

Step 2 – Enforce Your Wall

In order to mount your toilet high to the wall, you are going to have to take the time to reinforce the wall by adding mounts to the wall that are going to be able to support the weight of the tank.

Step 3 – Add Your New Piping

Now that you have your tank mounted high to the wall, you are going to need to reattach the water pipe to connect it from the water supply to the tank itself. After this is secured into place, you simply must affix the flush lever and you will now have an elegant, and unique bathroom.