Hurricane Proof Your Home

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Hurricanes are extremely powerful natural disasters. The safest thing to do when you are in the path of a hurricane is to evacuate. Whether you decide to leave or stay, you need to protect your home before hurricane winds arrive. Follow these tips to minimize or prevent hurricane damage to your home.

Tip 1 - Secure Windows Against High Winds

You cannot leave your windows unprotected during a hurricane. Install impact-resistant windows, purchase or make storm shutters, and cover your windows with plywood.

Tip 2 - Reinforce Entry Doors

Doors need heavy bolts attached at both the top and bottom to hold them in place during high winds.

Tip 3 - Garage Door and High Winds

The garage door is the largest opening in your home, making it the most vulnerable to high winds. Hurricane winds can blow your garage door inward, or pull it off entirely. If it is totally removed by the wind, the rest of your home becomes open to damage. To keep it from happening, check your garage door to determine its pressure rating and strengthen it with a brace or purchase a new garage door that is impact-resistant.

Tip 4 - Protecting the Roof

High winds can get under the roof and rip it away from the house. Hurricane straps made from galvanized metal fasten the roof to the walls, making it more secure during a hurricane. Another way to protect the roof is to use flooring adhesive. Apply it with a glue gun to the underside of the roof, where it meets the beams.

A gable roof needs added support to withstand high winds. Use two 2x4-inch boards and construct them into the form of an “X.” Make two sets of the pattern. After they are completed, affix them at both ends of the attic to fortify the gable.

Tip 5 - Maintain Trees to Guard Against Damage

Check trees for any signs of decay or weakness and have them properly trimmed or removed. A professional can shape trees to make them wind-resistant.

Put Things Away

In high winds, anything outside can become a projectile. Put away any outdoor furniture, toys, trash cans, planters, and barbecues.