High-End Porch Stairs Designs High-End Porch Stairs Designs

Porch stairs don't have to be unsightly concrete blocks. There are many options available for high-end looking stairs. You will have many options available if you are looking for a more decorative way to add stairs to your porch.


Iron porch stairs are sturdy, and can be found in many different designs. The wrought iron varieties will offer a classic look without spending a fortune. These generally need to be installed by a professional for optimal security.


Spiral stairs don't have to be found only inside a home. A higher porch can feature a small spiral in the stairs. This will give the porch an old-world look. 

Stone Stairs

Using natural stone to create your porch stairs is another high-end option. This will be more costly than other options, but the look can really add something special to your home. When using stone you aren't limited to a typical step design either. You can add architectural elements by creating curves or unique bends in the stairs. This is popular for larger porches, and creates more space for people to navigate on the stairs.

Aged Brick

Aged brick is becoming more and more popular in home design. The brick can be laid in a variety of patterns and designs. The aged look will create a warm and inviting look to your porch.

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