Highlight Your Garden with a Porch Trellis Highlight Your Garden with a Porch Trellis

A stylish porch trellis can immensely improve the outlook of your porch, covering it with a pleasant shade for relaxation and populating it with brightly blossomed flowers that caress the eyes. Both online and in local hardware stores, you can find literally thousands of trellis types, which run a wide spectrum of shapes, materials, sizes and prices. Simply shop your way around and pick up the unit that fits your requirements best. Below are some of the options you can choose from.

Porch Trellis Design

Trellises are manufactured in 3 basic designs, which differ in their shape, size and dimensional requirements.

Panel Trellis

By far the most common type in use, the panel trellis is usually a square or rectangular screen with holes in it which can be mounted either to the posts of your porch or directly on the wall of your house. If you intend to install the trellis on a wall, make sure you leave a spacing of at least a couple of inches, so as to protect the panel from moisture and rot. This panel trellis design is ideal for broad climbing plants, such as the different subspecies of grapevine and ivy.

Obelisk Trellis

As their name suggests, these are 3-dimensional, well-balanced trellises with a pointed top which are ideal for high, spacious porches. They are suitable for smaller plants, allowing them to either grow skywards or flow down like a cascade of fresh leaves and vivid flowers.

Planter Box Trellis

These trellises have a case for planting at their base and a panel attached to it, on which the vine can grow. They are usually leaned against the wall and can accommodate large and small plants.

Material of the Trellis

A trellis can be made of one of the following materials:


Trellises are commonly made of solid wooden boards that can withstand exposure to the elements. Oak, sycamore and cedar are the trees most often used as a construction material. Usually, wooden trellises come varnished with protective lacquer which keeps harmful insects away and diminishes the damaging effects of sunlight and rain. To ensure their long service life, you should apply a new coat of lacquer every once in a while.


Providing a much stronger foundation than wooden trellises, those made of metal are particularly suitable for huge, sprawling vines. Metal trellises are usually made of iron, steel or copper and may feature intricate welded ornaments to augment their overall appearance. Unfortunately, many metal trellises are prone to rust and are easily damaged by water.

PVC Vinyl

It may come as a surprise, but PVC vinyl has been increasingly used in the manufacture of porch trellises in recent times. Its qualities make it clear why this is so: vinyl is neat, easy to clean, impervious to the elements, does not require maintenance consumables and costs almost half that of wooden and metal structures. On the other hand, it is best used with smaller, lighter plants as it may bend and break under the weight of heavier ones.

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